Air conditioning isn’t just for use around the home and offices. Many key industries rely on specialist air conditioning systems to ensure they can meet stringent health and hygiene regulations. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas we facilitate with our air conditioning.

Hospitals and surgeries

Healthcare and clinical environments have a duty of care to their patients to ensure that operating theatres, clean room and medical storage areas are kept sterile. One key part of this is ensuring a regulated temperature that can reduce the conditions for infections and viruses to breed. We don’t just provide air conditioning but also water chillers which are integral in supplying hospital water systems and can be used to cool vital equipment such as MRI machines.


Mortuaries require very reliable cold storage facilities for bodies that need to be carefully preserved. It is critical that the temperature of the body storage facilities is kept within very strict perimeters. This ensures that bodies are preserved for postmortems, forensic investigations and for families who wish to see them when they are transferred to a funeral parlour.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an intensive process which generates a lot of excess heat. To prevent issues with overheating that can cause undue wear and tear on expensive equipment and could mean whole product runs are lost due to damage, these environments need to be strictly temperature controlled to protect both assets and workers.

Server rooms and Data centres

Due to the vast amounts of technical activity they see, data centres generate an abundance of heat which needs to be offset with cooling strategies. A main component of this is specialist air conditioning that won’t fail, as businesses up and down the country rely on these strict conditions to maintain their company data.

Medical Engineering

We have several clients is advanced medical engineering that we are proud to provide contract air conditioning to. One client develops implantable-grade plastic parts for use in the human body, which requires a consistent set of conditions to prevent what could be life-threatening complications, which well-maintained specialist air conditioning can guarantee these conditions.

Catering venues

If food isn’t stored and prepared at the correct temperatures it has the potential to cause life-threatening bacteria to grow. We can provide air conditioning and refrigeration cooling solutions to commercial catering venues to prevent unforeseen accidents and legal claims.

At Universal Cooling, we work on a contract basis with a number of clients in these specialist fields. They trust us to maintain and service their specialist air conditioning and chilling units to ensure they meet stringent regulations. If you would like to speak to us about obtaining specialist air conditioning services, get in touch today.